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FPDA Elects New Board of Directors

FPDA Board

On October 8, 2019, FPDA, elected new Board of Directors during the 2019 FPDA/ISD Joint Industry Summit, held in Austin, TX. This four-day event was held October 6-9, 2019 at the AT&T Conference Center, which provided the perfect central location to share ideas, successes and challenges with industry colleagues. 

The new Board of Directors will hold a one- or three-year term under the leadership of Kevin Kampe of Womack Machine Supply. Along with Mr. Kampe as President, Jeff Behling of STAUFF will serve as FPDA President-Elect along with Bob Decker of Livingston & Haven as Vice President & Treasurer and Royal Bush of Royal Hydraulics as Immediate Past President.

The new FPDA Board of Directors serving a three-year term, joining Board Members, Lon Jennings of Hydradyne, Pat Nichols, Monnier Inc., Craig Sinnott, HydraForce, Inc., and Craig Whited, Fluid and Motion Control Technologies:

  • Keath Ford, Kaman Fluid Power
  • Steve Velderman, Wilson Company
  • Josh Williamson, Franklin Automation Inc.

FPDA Board of Directors serving a one-year term include:

  • Convention Chair: William Haley, FORCE America Inc.
  • Member at Large: Tom Nicholson, GS Global Resources
  • Young Executives Chair: Ryan Schenk, STAUFF

In 2019-2020 the FPDA Board of Directors and Officers will continue to promote the FPDA Programs such as the FPDA University, the Mentoring Program and FPDA OnDemand Webinars.

FPDA has a very active and supportive board of directors. I’m excited to work with the board of directors on our many new programs and continue to strengthen our current membership offerings in the coming year. I can truly attest that FPDA member value has never been higher,” said Amy Luckado, FPDA Executive Director.


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