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Womack offers a variety of hands-on training courses for hydraulics, and is pleased to share those with other FPDA members at a discount.

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Programs are offered by the Milwaukee School of Engineering

Delivered at the GS Global Resources facility in Wisconsin

GS Global Resources and Milwaukee School of Engineering collaborate to provide hydraulic and electrohydraulic system training.  The courses are taught by MSOE instructors Dr. Medhat Khalil or Tom Wanke, however they are hosted in GS Global Resources training facilities. 

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Recommended Training Resources

Industrial Distribution – the Sales Process

Cost: $32.00

Fundamentals of Industrial Distribution - The Sales Process. By Mitchell Harper & Norm Clark FPDA members save 20%!

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Financial Transactions of the Wholesale Distributor

Cost: $27.50

This text teaches readers to calculate and understand the key financial measurements in the Industrial Distributor's operations. This text is a must for branch mangagers or anyone responsible for financial performance. Written by Dr. Don A. Rice

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Closed Loop Electro-hydraulic Systems Manual

Cost: $77

This text was designed to help people involved with closed-loop electrohydraulic control systems. Because the discussion of the fundamental principles of amplifiers, ramp generators and comparators requires a working knowledge of electronics, the student will learn about voltage, current, resistance and capacitance in DC circuits. The manual covers the operation of open-and closed-loop servo valve and proportional valve systems, and design considerations such as valve sizing, actuator selection and feedback transducers. It was prepared assuming the reader has a solid understanding of fluid power concepts. FPDA Members save 10%!

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Lightning Reference Handbook

Cost: $29.00

Simply one of the best hydraulic technical reference materials around. Covers standards and practices, fluid power data, fluids, actuators, conductors, connectors, seals and more! FPDA members save 10%!

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Industrial Fluid Power, Vol 1 – 3rd Edition

Cost: $47.44 new

Basic Textbook on Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Vacuum. Study Text, Circuit Diagrams, Design Data Tables and Troubleshooting arranged for the Beginning Student.

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